The Crossroads

The KnoxCAM dramas tell contemporary stories of God’s love, salvation, and provision.  Based on real stories of real people, they offer assurance that God’s amazing grace is at work, even in the most desperately painful and seemingly hopeless circumstances.

The Crossroads (2012-13) is the story of Nick, a young man and new Christian looking for a fresh start in life.  He finds a new job, makes plans to enter college, and begins to date Abby, his employer’s daughter.  But Nick has things to hide, and his ugly past rears its head in the shape of a menacing drug dealer.  When Mr. Greene, Nick’s Christian boss, discovers that Nick has lied about his past and is actually a former addict who has served a prison term, he, Nick, and Abby all struggle to cope.  Based on true stories, The Crossroads brings home the overwhelming obstacles faced by recently-released inmates as they try to re-integrate into life in the “free world,” and challenges believers to take steps of faith they may not have considered before to love and mentor former inmates.

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