The Ungrateful Servant

The KnoxCAM dramas tell contemporary stories of God’s love, salvation, and provision.  Based on real stories of real people, they offer assurance that God’s amazing grace is at work, even in the most desperately painful and seemingly hopeless circumstances.

DSC_8638The Ungrateful Servant (2010-11) is a contemporary retelling of Jesus’s parable found in Matthew 18:21-35.  Based on true events, it tells the story of Pete, a divorced father enmeshed in a downward spiral of drug abuse and increasingly dysfunctional family relationships.  When he is caught embezzling money from his company to support his addiction, his boss Chris offers forgiveness and help. As a widowed father raising a teen-age daughter, Chris understands what it means to hit rock bottom; and his “tough love” brings Pete to a realization of his own sin and need for salvation, and gives him a lifeline to restoration and healing.