DRESS (for trips):  Modesty Guidelines for All:

NO SCENTS – please be considerate of our performers who have allergies.

Ladies – NO LEGGINGS (except dancers), yoga pants, etc!  If you are wearing pants they must be real pants and not too tight. Your tops should have sleeves, be somewhat loose, and should be modest – no cleavage, even when you bend over, no panty lines.  Skirts or dresses should be at least knee-length and have no slits. No scarves (during performance). No big jewelry.

Men – Shirts should be tucked in, and wear a belt.

CHOIR and BELLS WOMEN:  Your usual top with sleeves in any shade of blue except navy.  Sweater sets are okay, but must be solid blue.  No stripes or prints of any kind.  No scarves.  No big jewelry.  Black or dark pants or skirt. Black socks, tights, or hose (don’t leave bare leg showing please).  Black shoes with closed toe and closed heel.

CHOIR and BELLS MEN:  Your usual blue, long-sleeved dress shirt; black or dark pants; black or dark socks and shoes with closed toe and closed heel.

ORCHESTRA:  Your usual concert black.  Follow modesty guidelines above.

ACTORS/DANCERS:  Costumes.  Follow modesty guidelines above.

Schedule (2017-2018)