Maggie’s Story

The KnoxCAM dramas tell contemporary stories of God’s love, salvation, and provision.  Based on real stories of real people, they offer assurance that God’s amazing grace is at work, even in the most desperately painful and seemingly hopeless circumstances.

SONY DSCMaggie’s Story (2011-12) is based on Mary Magdalene, who was scorned by most of her contemporaries, but was loved and greatly valued by Jesus.  Maggie is a formerly homeless and drug-addicted single mother whose life has been turned around by Christ.  When she is falsely accused of stealing money from the school where she works as a custodian, the grace and forgiveness she extends to her accuser, and the enduring love she has for her troubled son and his pregnant girlfriend, have a lasting impact on all those around her. Inspired by true stories of women living in a shelter for victims of physical and sexual abuse, Maggie’s Story calls us to reconsider the “unlovely” in our culture and their place in God’s kingdom.