Is KnoxCAM Right for Me?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Carol smallAm I an experienced choral singer, instrumentalist, handbell ringer, actor or dancer?
  • Have I participated in and enjoyed high school, college, church, community, and/or professional groups?
  • Am I excited about the possibilities of proclaiming the gospel of Christ through the performing arts?
  • Am I looking, perhaps longing, for a place to serve?
  • Most importantly, have I prayed about the possibility of joining KnoxCAM, and as a result feel that God is calling me to find out more?

JillIf you answered yes! to the questions above, we want to hear from you!  Contact Jill Lagerberg at or 865-291-5218.

To learn more about the artistic components that make up KnoxCAM, click on Groups.

We audition new members each August.  To learn more, click on Auditions.