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Then the righteous will answer him, “Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you something to drink?  When did we see you a stranger and invite you in, or needing clothes and clothe you?  When did we see you sick or in prison and go to visit you?”  The King will reply, “I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.” –Matthew 25:37-40

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My big takeaway from our concert at Northeast Saturday:  we are indeed a family, pulling together.  I am not alone in bearing the weight of meeting challenges.

I was nervous about the concert.  I knew our part was to trust God, and I WAS trusting him, but I arrived at the church with a turmoil of thoughts about how many members were missing and how to cover for them.  I felt a heavy weight of responsibility.

I first ran into Paula in discussion with several handbell players about covering for Carol.  I overheard this discussion continuing on the bus, with a final statement from Paula, “Okay, we’ve got it.”

Then I ran into Grayson, who said, “Ben is still sick, but don’t worry, we’re going to figure out on the bus how to cover for him.  Zachary will play some viola and some second; and Sarah will play some second and some first.  Don’t worry, we’ll have it by the time we get there.”

Then I ran into Ann, who had driven over from her parents in North Carolina (where she is caring for her father) just to dance with us so Grace wouldn’t have to dance alone.  I asked her how she was doing.  She said, “Don’t worry, I’ve practiced with the video the dancers sent, and I feel good about it.”  She and Grace sat across from me on the bus.  I saw them reviewing choreography on their own and together.

I saw Tracy in the restroom.  She said, “This is going to be our best concert ever.”

During the concert, I caught sight of Meade’s face as we sang the “Gloria.”  It was radiant, transformed with glory as she sang.  I caught her joy and it moved me deeply.

I could feel the single-minded determination of all you singers to get it right during “While Shepherds Watched.”  Your intent communicated itself to me in a very visceral way.  And you did get it right.  It was by far the best you’ve done.

I rejoiced in the beauty of “Messiah, Prince of Peace” and thought how wonderful it is that we get to play it so many times.  It is becoming a part of us in a way that groups who only perform it once or twice cannot know.

I heard the gleefulness and excitement in Beth’s voice as she portrayed Lydia’s encounter with the angels.  I heard the men in the audience responding to the humor and the miracle of the story.

I watched in awe and thanksgiving as Julie signed our story and Scott’s message to a deaf prisoner – he was brand new at Northeast.  How humbling and wonderful that we could minister to him in this special way.

I heard Scott’s powerful message spellbound, and I thanked God for the gifts of communication He has given Scott.  I felt the profound peace and holiness of the presence of God descend on the room as I sat there.

Ann told me afterward that she had had a vision during Scott’s final prayer.  She saw a prison hallway with cells along both sides.  A prison guard was walking along the hall, opening one cell after another and releasing the prisoners.  At the end of the hall was another open door, leading outside to a warm, beautiful, and light-filled place.  All the prisoners were walking through that door into the freedom of new life.

I contemplated all this on the bus.  The way you all rallied together to problem-solve; your determination to do your very best and humbly commit yourselves to God for His use; the way He met us at every turn.  Tracy was right – it was our best concert to date.  As we finished “Arise, Shine” I found myself breathing hard and rejoicing because my vision for what I wanted this story to be had come to fruition; because the power of God had been in us; because we had fulfilled our calling that night.

Thank you, friends, for bearing the weight of ministry challenges and rejoicing in God’s work with me.  I cherish you.


KnoxCAM travels throughout the state of Tennessee, from Mountain City to Memphis, presenting the gospel message at state prison facilities,  men’s and women’s units at county jails, Knox Area Rescue Ministries homeless shelter, and numerous retirement communities and nursing care facilities.

Knox County Jail Exodus Pod, January 2014. Photo by Pete Garza.

Knox County Jail Exodus Pod, January 2014. Photo by Pete Garza.

 For more information about the ministry and how YOU can become a part of KnoxCAM, browse this site and contact Jill Lagerberg, Director, at jilllagerberg@cspc.net or 865-291-5218.


Proclaiming the gospel through choral, orchestral, and handbell music; drama; and dance to prison inmates, the homeless, and the elderly and ill.

Who is KnoxCAM ?

_PGI1173Sharon smallKnoxville Christian Arts Ministries is a multi-generational, community-wide, outreach ministry of Christian choral and instrumental musicians, handbell ringers, actors, and dancers who desire to use their artistic gifts to proclaim the gospel of Christ beyond the walls of the church.  We are a supported ministry of Cedar Springs Presbyterian Church in Knoxville, Tennessee.

KnoxCAM has over 100 members, ages 16 – 85,  from 30 different congregations representing 11 denominations in the Knoxville area.  Our ministry focus is on those “hidden” in our society:  prison inmates, the homeless and abused, the elderly and ill.  The generous support of Cedar Springs Presbyterian Church and individual donors enables us to minister free of charge throughout Tennessee.

_PGI1154Lea smallThe mission of Knoxville Christian Arts Ministries is to integrate music, drama, and dance to proclaim the gospel of Christ wherever God leads, and to minister to our own members by providing  a place for them to be on mission using their artistic gifts as part of a loving community of believers.




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